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Recap: Innovation Event

On Tuesday, February 28 Stas Gayshan, Managing Director of the Cambridge Innovation Center;  Anne Papageorge, Vice President of Facilities and Real Estate Services, University of PennsylvaniaJoe Reagan, Senior Vice President for Development from Wexford Science + Technology; and Lindsey Scannapieco, Managing Partner, Scout, gathered to discuss  their development projects in innovation spaces, decisions to locate in this market, entrepreneurship and the promising growth in Philadelphia.

Brian Selander kicked off with a framework for our City by saying “we have the chance to be the place where innovation is based on experience and build for it”. Panelists agreed that their roles are to “get out of the way so that innovation can prosper”. Another theme of the panel was that innovation happens outside of, and in spite of the physical structure. Lindsay Scannapieco spoke about the innovation within the Bok School, “We looked at the constraints of the building as opportunities because new ideas use old buildings.” Joe Regan agreed that “the plan is not just about the buildings, but creating convening space and an activated streetscape.” Click here to listen to the podcast.

Read the UrbanLand Article on the panel:

Three Models of Building for Innovation in Philadelphia


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