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Supporting Communities in Rebuilding and Resilience

A message from ULI Americas Chairman Trish Healy and ULI Americas CEO Ralph Boyd on how ULI members can support rebuilding for the future.

Just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston and other Texas communities, Hurricane Irma inflicted significant damage in neighborhoods and communities throughout Florida and the Caribbean. While Texas remains a concern, we extend our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this latest storm and to those who have responded with rescue and relief aid.

Even before Irma hit the U.S., several of you reached out to see how ULI could help in the aftermath of this tragedy. One of ULI’s great strengths is the long-term focus it brings to urban development. Rebuilding communities that were impacted most by Irma’s devastating winds, rain, and storm surge will require long- term commitments and steadfast, wide-ranging support. ¬†As was the case in Houston, immediate relief aid should to be directed to your agency of choice, but when the post-Irma focus turns from clean-up and recovery to rebuilding, we will put our collective land use expertise to its highest and best use to help these communities rally and rebuild for the future.

ULI has historically provided this help in the form of Advisory Service Panels providing recommendations on building for resilience to communities hit by natural and man-made disasters. Several of these advisory efforts have been supported by the ULI Foundation, which has funded panels assisting communities following a crisis. With input from our members in Florida and the Caribbean, we will be well-positioned to advise communities that would benefit the most from ULI’s unique multi-disciplinary approach. Your support for the ULI Foundation would be of great help in this regard. We encourage you to give generously to help ULI assist communities in building for resilience.

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