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The ULI National Product Council Program is Expanding in 2018.

The ULI National Organization is excited to announce the creation of ten new National Product Councils! This thoughtful expansion reflects both member demand and feedback. Product Council members have long shared the significant impact the program has had in their lives, both professionally and personally. ULI is expanding the program on topics with the greatest demand, both existing and new.

ULI’s National Product Council Program provides a platform for Full Members to connect with one another around specific industry topics and product types. Meeting twice a year at the Spring and Fall Meetings, National Product Councils offer members the opportunity to debate issues and discuss trends in a more intimate and confidential setting, as well as to undertake a range of other thought leadership initiatives throughout the year. Members of the National Councils describe the experience as rewarding and enriching, both professionally and personally.

To expand the program, ULI  is adding 5 brand new councils and 5 new flights of existing councils in 2018. Council chairs are actively recruiting both members and leaders for their individual councils. You’re invited to explore opportunities for each council below. (Please note that a new flight of the Multifamily Council will be available later in 2018).

The draft for National Product Council leaders and members will remain open through December 31, 2017 and selection will be determined by the Product Council Chairs in January 2018. Please note that if you are an Associate Member, and have been selected to join a Product Council, then you will have to upgrade your membership.

To learn about the Product Council opportunities click here. 

The New and Expanded Product Councils
Commercial and Retail Development Council (expansion)

John Walsh, Trustee, Former CRC Chair

Community Development Council (expansion)

Teri Frankiewicz, Trustee, Former CDC Chair

Multifamily Council (expansion)

Coming in late 2018

Placemaking and Town Centers Council (new)

Marilyn Taylor, Governing Trustee, Former Global Chair

Sharing Economy Council (new)

John Healy, Trustee

Small-Scale Development Council (expansion)

John McNellis, Trustee, Former SSDC Chair

Suburban Development and Redevelopment Council (new)

Richard Gollis, Trustee, Former CDC Chair

Technology and Real Estate Council (new)

Randy Rowe, Governing Trustee, Former Global Chair

Travel Experience Council (new)

Harry Frampton, Governing Trustee, Former Global Chair

Urban Development/Mixed-Use Council (expansion)

Jill Hatton, Governing Trustee, Former UDMUC Chair

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