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Reinventing a city requires a strategy, not just money

reinventing philadelphia

It’s apparent that the city of Philadelphia is undergoing a massive real estate transformation; many tourists and first-timers are pleasantly surprised by the incredible projects in the region. The reinventing of the city was put on a national stage during April’s Spring Meeting in Philadelphia. Leaders from across the globe were impressed by Philadelphia’s unique culture and heritage and how it’s incorporated into the city’s infrastructure and strategy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Al Heavens had this realization while monitoring #ULISpring on Twitter during the Spring Meeting:

The impressions expressed by the tourists were positive. One tweeted to ULI: “When it comes to #Placemaking hard to beat classics like Rittenhouse Square.”

Another tweeted, “Awesome to see all of the hard working folks at @coopersferry in #Camden working hard to help the city.”

“Did you know,” I heard a young woman tell a friend, “that Philadelphia has 3,000 murals?”

Check out Al’s full piece on Philly.com on how strategic real estate projects coupled with the city’s arts and culture heritage are changing the face of Philadelphia.



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