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ULI NEXT Global Travels to Cuba

I, along with a group of ULI NEXT Global members organized a trip to Cuba. Little did we know it was going be following  the death of Fidel Castro. Upon arriving in Cuba, we came to learn that the country was in a nine day mourning period, which meant no alcohol and no music could be played! We had scheduled talks with an economist, a musician (who couldn’t play his music due to the mourning period), and a panel of female physicians and teachers who talked to us about race and gender relationships in their society. We learned that artists are the wealthy, and doctors make less than waiters. The people of Cuba were friendly and excited about their future.

It was an interesting trip, but we left feeling that we will have to go back- when the rum and music would be flowing everywhere.

Monica Jindia is Vice President, Business Development at Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company. Monica has worked in the title insurance industry for over 10 years.


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