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New Initiatives at ULI Philadelphia

ULI Philadelphia is pleased to announce three new initiatives!

  1.  ULI NEXT: ULI Philadelphia is launching their chapter! This group will encompass ULI members who are in their mid-career and are  transitioning out of Young Leaders. Applications for this council will be opening in early fall.
  2. Scholarship Council: This group is currently seeking to recruit new members. The main duties of this council are to grow school and applicant participation, raise funds, and review applications to select winners. We are looking for new and innovative ideas on how to make the most impact in our area; for more information please email Natalia at natalia.serejko@uli.org
  3. Mentorship Program: The Young Leaders Council is accepting applications for the mentorship program that will be kicking off in January. Applications for mentors and mentees are available at http://bit.ly/2bjmdZO
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