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Member Q&A: Tony Naccarato

As part of our continuing spotlight on top-level sponsors, this month we feature Anthony Naccarato, PE, SECB, newly promoted to President at O’Donnell & Naccarato.

1) Name: Anthony F. Naccarato, PE SECB

2) Title and Company: President, O’Donnell & Naccarato, Inc.

3) How long have you been a ULI member? I joined ULI in 2007.

4) What has being a ULI member done for you professionally or personally? On a professional level, ULI is the premier organization for connecting our firm to the area’s preeminent players in development projects throughout the region, many of whom are longtime clients of the firm. On a personal level, as a lifelong Philadelphia resident, I applaud ULI’s efforts to help Philadelphia become the world-class city it deserves to be.

5) What is one piece of advice you have for young professionals in your field? Get involved in something that you are passionate about that’s separate by related to your profession.

6) If you have to have a new career, what would you most like to do? Real estate developer.

7) What is your favorite vacation spot? Singer Island, Florida.

8) What is your favorite Philadelphia sports team? The Phillies with the Flyers being a very close second.

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