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Meet the ULI PHL Staff: Bridget Donovan

As an Associate at ULI Philadelphia, Bridget oversees the newly updated Programs Committee, Forecast and Capital Markets Committee, Awards Committee, Management Committees, Sponsorship, and the South Jersey Regional Council. Bridget joined ULI Philadelphia by way of ULI’s Global Headquarters. At ULI Global, Bridget worked with the District & National Councils team to communicate and collaborate with all councils, nationally and internationally, to collect and share information on content and programming. The District Council network is one of the most valuable assets ULI has to offer, and the District Council team at ULI Global works to keep everyone plugged in to their peers and to ULI’s Global resources. Bridget has found her experience with ULI Global to be a great resource while working with ULI PHL.

Bridget hails from Western Massachusetts where she graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government. She spent time in Washington D.C. interning for Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate before joining the ULI Global team. ULI’s power to be a trusted, non-partisan leader in the responsible use of land, and the implication this has on our communities, is what drew Bridget to ULI. Bridget, her boyfriend Mitch, and their Pitbull Coach recently moved from South Philly to Fairmount where they’ve taken full advantage of their proximity to museums, parks, and the SRT (but stay loyal to Sunday mornings at Honey’s on South). She is thrilled to have found a home in Philadelphia and is even more excited for the momentum ULI PHL has built since her start before the Philadelphia Spring Meeting. It’s an exciting time to be in Philly and an exciting time to be with ULI.

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