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Lehigh Valley’s E-Commerce Boom

e-commerce lehigh valley

On September 7th our 2016 Build Lehigh Valley Development & Outlook Report will discuss housing types, new institutional development and quantifies commercial markets. Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a compelling piece detailing the e-commerce boom and its impact on the Lehigh Valley economy and infrastructure.

Since the end of the Great Recession in the second quarter of 2010, no U.S. industrial market has grown as fast as the Interstate-78/Interstate-81 corridor, which includes the Lehigh Valley and parts of Central Pennsylvania, but excludes the Philadelphia market.

“As supply chains have become much more heavily focused on getting access to highest number of people in the shortest period of time, there’s been a big push to try and create an equivalent of the Inland Empire on the East Coast,” said David Egan, CBRE’s head of industrial and logistics research for the Americas. “The Lehigh Valley is really where it’s all sprung up.”

Read more at http://on.wsj.com/2b1nsab

Learn more about Lehigh Valley’s e-commerce trends and how they will impact the region over the next two years by signing up for our Build Lehigh Valley event.

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