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Hines Post-Competition Celebration at UPenn

On Wednesday, March 14, the PennDesign Real Estate Club hosted the second annual ULI Hines Post-Competition Celebration at Meyerson Hall on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. The event convened graduate students representing all six teams from the Penn that competed in the annual challenge, in addition to friends and faculty. Students enjoyed pizza and refreshments while reviewing final boards from all participating teams. The six interdisciplinary teams from Penn included students from PennDesign and the Wharton School; as the competition guidelines stipulate, groups must include five students from at least three disciplines. This year, 130 teams from 60 universities throughout the United States and Canada participated and tackled the 37-acre site adjacent to the mouth of the Don River in Toronto; the “Don Ramble” submission from the University of Pennsylvania was one of seven entries to receive honorable mention recognition.

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