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Recap of ULI Disrupt

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On Tuesday September 27th, ULI Philadelphia welcomed its first all-female panel to discuss trends in transportation infrastructure, the internet of things, disruptive technology, and climate change.

Moderated by Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)’s Executive Director Barry Seymour, the panel featured a diverse range of thought leaders: Felicite Moorman. Esq., CEO of BuLogics & StraIS; Leslie Richards, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; Harriet Tregoning, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Community Planning and Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Barry led off the panel by discussing three major forces that our nation is currently facing: the revival of city centers, the impacts (and future impacts) of climate change, and the share-economy, including on-demand transportation options.

Harriet Tregoningm who has years of urban planning experience spoke to how cities and the surrounding infrastructure need to be thinking ahead for climate change, the “silver tsunami”, and the dramatic differences in household sizes and demographics. Harriet’s recommendations included focusing on walkability in cities and engaging mayors and other local officials to pass green initiatives.

Felicite focused on how the Internet of Things is driving and disrupting a variety of industries. The rise in connectivity and mobility has unleashed unprecedented opportunities to strategically gather and analyze all types of data. From beacons to wearables, our society is increasingly becoming more dependent on technology and the services they provide.

However, Felicite cautioned that the successes of the Internet of Things can also cause a dangerous digital divide. Depending on the availability, accessibility, and affordability, technology can either be our biggest equalizer or a disparaging to our communities.

Leslie gave insight into what how Pennsylvania and PennDOT in particular are working with tech companies, local governments, and communities to create a sustainable, more efficient place to live. Secretary Richards highlighted three initiatives that are not only transforming our state, but position us a national technology leader. Pennsylvania is leading the way on autonomous connected vehicles, some of which are already on the road! Coupled with this is PA’s support of ride-sharing systems as well as the business partnership with Waze.

A key takeaway from the event was that a shift in our thinking must occur to keep competitive in the 21st century. “Why are we procuring widgets when we could be procuring solutions? Let’s design for adaptation.”

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