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Contagious Density: Embracing Urban Aspects of Suburban Development

contagious urbanization

As originally appeared in Urban Land Magazine

For suburban developers, density used to be a dirty word, but not anymore. James Mazzarelli, senior vice president of Liberty Property Trust, told the audience at recent ULI event in Philadelphia that until recently he would instruct his development team to downplay the urban qualities of apartment proposals or walkable retail projects in pitch meetings with suburban officials.

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“It’s really about using less land to generate more tax revenue and income. I think everybody’s figuring this thing out now,” Mazzarelli said on stage at the Union League in Philadelphia. “Today I’m sitting up here with a well-respected township planner who’s using the word densification.”

Philadelphia’s Union League building was the site of a recent ULI event, entitled “Contagious Urbanization: How Suburbs are Embracing Mixed-Use and Density.” (Scott Spitzer Photography/ULI)

Mazzarelli was referring to co-speaker Terry Woodman. She had successfully pushed in favor of more transit-oriented development for her far-flung municipality in order to keep pace with changing demographic trends and consumer preferences.

Also on the panel was Michael Markman, president of BET Developments, and Eli Kahn, principal at E. Kahn Development Corp. Both developers are in the midst of executing dense, mixed-use projects elsewhere in a suburban region increasingly open to urban development—more evidence of shifting development philosophies locally and across the United States, where more and more outlying municipalities are turning to denser projects to lure younger residents and boost tax revenues.

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