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Carl Dranoff Interviewed by Philadelphia Business Journal

carl dranoff Philadelphia business journal

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently interviewed Carl Dranoff, president and co-founder of Dranoff Properties and Past ULI Philadelphia District Council Chair.

For over three decades, Carl has been a trailblazer in region’s real estate by spearheading residential and mixed use projects which have revitalized and enhanced the city’s landscape.

In the interview, The Philadelphia Business Journal asks Carl about everything from building a business from scratch to what records he spun as a teenager.

Philadelphia Business Journal: What’s your essential business philosophy?

Carl Dranoff: Stay focused on building the best product and you will always be successful, in good times and bad. Don’t chase every opportunity that comes along because it will distract you from doing what you do best. Start with a solid business plan, assemble a top-rate team to execute and always have your eye on the ball.

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