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Real estate and land use policy have been used to systematically divide us for decades; now we must use it to bring us together.

About ULI Philadelphia

Our mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI Philadelphia is one of ULI’s largest and most robust District Councils serving Central Pennsylvania, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, and Southern New Jersey in both public and private sectors, with pragmatic land use expertise and education.

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Join us 12/8 for a conversation about how immigrant communities are stabilizing neighborhoods, and how developers are shaping projects to meet their unique needs. w/ @pewtrusts @ccpedu @welcomingcenter @seamaac @PCDC_Events @ConiferRealty and more!

Today’s discussion is following many themes from the #ULIForecast21. Our city is resilient and is collaborating toward a more inclusive recovery. Many exciting developments are moving forward. @PHLCommerce

.@PHLCommerce is supporting local business through grants and other supports. Including fostering a #lifesciences hub in Philadelphia

Could the spotlight on the corridor and social injustice catalyze community-oriented revitalization? Neighborhood assets have been a focal point @PhilaTEC #ULIPHL

Community members on the 52nd Street corridor came out to clean and the @PhilaTEC raised funds to support small businesses #recovery #ULIPHL